Ever though it's not based on Sonic X, you'll meet your favorite characters who'll come into their world and an new female character like Yesenia Stewart, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Freddy Krueger and Maria the Hedgehog.

The story is kind of similar to Disney's Hercules with a different plot and characters. This story is comedy, romance, adventure and fanmade.


It begin at Mobuis and Dr. Eggman's sick and tired that his arch enemy, Sonic always won and beat him countless times with his evil plan.

So, he found a person who'll do the job: Freddy Krueger. Then, he use the machine to get Freddy to come into his world.

Then, he found Freddy at Rio De Janeiro where he tried to attack Yesenia Stewart and Peter Parker (who's visiting his best friend with his wife: Mary Jane Watson/Parker).

Then, Dr. Eggman got Freddy and make him to come with him to stop Sonic at his world. Then, Freddy agree and went to Sonic World, but Yesenia and Peter follow them after spying on them.

At Mobuis, Dr. Eggman and Freddy are at Dr. Eggman's lair while Yesenia and Peter are at the lake. At Dr. Eggman's lair, Eggman told Freddy to make a female hedgehog to know Sonic's weakness so he can finally beat him and rule Mobuis.

Maria smiled

Maria the Hedgehog

Then, Freddy make a female Hedgehog and she was a beautiful blonde Hedgehog who Dr. Eggman names Maria the Hedgehog after his dead cousin, Maria Robotnik 50 years ago.

Then, Eggman told Maria that her mission is to find Sonic, knows his weakness and whatever she do, don't become friends with them, don't ever fall in love and don't tell them who's her master.

Then, Maria said "Yes, Master." Then, she left to find Sonic while Dr. Eggman started to laugh after knowing that nothing can ruin his plans.

Meanwhile, Yesenia and Peter realize that they're at Mobuis after reading the newspaper and tried to find Freddy before he cost trouble or worse.

Meanwhile, Amy Rose and her best friend, Cream the Rabbit was done shopping until the girls met Maria who they become friends quickly after they got to know each other and took Maria with them to meet their friends at Chris's house.

Then, the girls was at Chris's house and Amy told her friends to meet Maria. Then, the guys met Maria except one person: Shadow. Then, Amy ask Sonic "Hey, Sonic. Where's Shadow?"

Then, Sonic told her that he left like a hour ago, but will be back soon if Shadow was in good mood or not.

10 mins later, Cream, Amy and Maria went outside, talking. Then, Cream realize that Maria feel weird and ask her if there's something wrong.

Then, Maria said "What? Oh, I'm fine. It's just that... Who's this Shadow person?" Then, Amy told her that he look like Sonic, but different since Sonic and Shadow are rivals about who's the best.

Then, Maria said "Oh. I just imagine that he'll be nice or something. It's just that I haven't found a right guy ever though I can't fall in love."

Then, Amy said "What? Yes, you can. You'll fall in love, Maria. Who says that you can't fall in love?"

Then, Maria said "My Master." Then, Amy said "Well, whoever is your master, don't listen to him. He's wrong about love. Love is a good thing like me for example. I really do love Sonic, but I'm not sure that he'll love me back since me and him are just friends. Maybe one day, he'll admit that he love me"

Then, Maria smiled and said "I guess you're right. I just need a guy who understand my feelings and who always there for me. Beside, I'm just a clumpy Hedgehog who's a loner since I made a promise to my master."

Then, Amy and Cream was shocked about Maria's words until Cream spoke "Don't say that, Maria. You may have some clumsiness, but you'll find the right guy and it's not like he'll come in thin air."

At the sky, Shadow zoom down so fast without looking and accidentally bump Maria which she trip on the floor. Then, Maria and Shadow groans and said together "Hey, watch where you goin..."

Shadow met Maria

Shadow and Maria met

Then, they look at each other which Maria have never see a black hedgehog before while Shadow have never see a beautiful hedgehog before.

While Maria and Shadow are looking at each other, Cream and Amy ran to Maria and told her if she was all right.

Then, Maria shock her head and said "Yeah, I'm fine. That was so weird. Umm, Amy? Who's that black hedgehog behind you?"

Then, Amy said "Who? Oh, that. That was... Cream! Can you take Maria inside while I talk to a friend of mine?"

Then, Cream said "Oh Yeah, sure. Come on, Maria. Let's get you something to drink since my mother is making some tea right now." Then, Maria sighs, got up and said "Okay. See ya, Amy."

Then, the girls left. When they left, Amy told Shadow that he should be careful for landing and noticing that he may have a crush on Maria when he first look at her, but Shadow refuse to believe that and told her that he was looking at the sun, not Maria.

Then, Amy smirks and told him that he did like her and he need to stop denying his feelings other than being a jerk.

Then, Shadow angrily told her "Look, Amy! I'm not in love with a girl who I just bump to. Beside, I'm a loner type and I don't think that she's my type. I gotta go and I'll come back later."

Then, Shadow took off and Amy feel upset that Shadow was being a jerk again. Then, she went back inside with her friends.

Shadow was thinking

Shadow realize that he's in love with Maria for the first time.

Somewhere far away, Shadow was upset that Amy make him think that he was in love until he was started to realizes that he felt something weird in his heart which it could mean one thing that he never had: love.

Then, Shadows thinks "What's this weird feeling im having? What If Amy's right? What if I'm in love with...Maria?"

Meanwhile, Yesenia and Peter have been looking everywhere to find Freddy, but can't find him until they met a boy name Chris who can help them to find Freddy and ask them to come with him.

Then, they follow Chris to his house. At Chris's house, Chris told Sonic and his friends to meet Yesenia and Peter.

After knowing each other, they also met Maria too. Then, Yesenia and Peter feel welcome by them while they're enjoying themselves.

Meanwhile, at Dr. Eggman's lair, what Dr. Eggman didn't know that Freddy got a plan to kill 2 girls: Yesenia and Maria. If you guys are wondering why Freddy want to kill Maria, because he know that Maria will change and she remind him of someone else who beat him in the past.

Shadow and Maria 3

Shadow and Maria are looking at the sunset

Meanwhile, at Chris's house, Maria was having a great time with her new friends and realize that Shadow's outside, looking at the sunset. Then, she went outside by joining him and spoke "Hi, Shadow. What are you doing out here? Do you like to hang with Sonic and his friends?"

Then, Shadow spoke "Nah. I like peace and quiet since it give me some time to think or look at the sky, wondering if I belong here or something like that."

Then Maria was surprised about Shadow's loneliness and thinks "No wonder why Amy and her friends thinks that Shadow is a jerk, but he's so lonely with no one to talk to. Maybe I can show Shadow that he's not alone and prove it to him."

Then, Maria sit down on the grass and said "Is this what you do all day when you're not hanging out with the guys?"

Then, Shadow said "Not always. It's just that I never see a sunset before, Maria." Then, Maria look at the sunset, smiles and said " Me neither. It look so beautiful, Shadow."

Then, Shadow said "Yeah, like you." Then, Maria was surprise about Shadow's commitment and blushed for the first time.

Then, Maria said shyly "Um, thank you. I'm very surprised that you may got a soft heart after all." Then, Shadow realize that Maria was being nice to him and said "Um, thanks I guess. Why are you being nice to me?"

Then, Maria look at him and spoke "I don't know, but I know how you feel right now." Then Shadow was shocked and said "You do?"

Then, Maria said "Well, I mean I don't have the same problem like you. But I'm kind of lonely and I just wish that I can be free so I can enjoy myself."

Then, she got up, sighs and look at Shadow, spoke "I'm sorry. I can't talk about it anymore since I promise my master that I won't be happy or something like that."

Then , Maria was about to leave until she accidentally trip and almost land on the grass until Shadow got her.

Then, they look at each other eyes. Then, Shadow said "Are you okay?" Then, Maria froze and said "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just clumsy, that's all. Im very sorry about that. That was so stupid of me, right?"

Then, Shadow shock his head and said "No. It's not stupid, Maria. I think you look great just the way you are even through you're clumsy."

Then, Maria froze and realize that nobody have being so nice to her before. Then, Maria said "You really think so, Shadow?"

Then, Shadow smiles and said "Yeah, Maria." Then, Maria smiled at him and said "Thank you, Shadow. Somehow, it's like that you're the only person who's a good friend to me like Amy and Cream. You believe in me and understanding how I feel."

Then, Shadow blushed and said "Well, I..." Then, Maria realize that Shadow's turning red and told him that if he was okay.

Then, Shadow shook his head and lied "Yeah, I'm fine. It's just that the sunset hurt my eyes. That's all." Then, Maria said "Oh. I just thought that you're upset about something."

Then, Shadow hold her hands and said "No. I'm never upset when I'm with you, Maria." Then, Maria realize that he hold her hands, blushed and smiled at him.

Then, Shadow realize that he was holding her hands, let go and said "So, umm...Do you want to go somewhere with me, Maria?" Then, Maria said "Yeah, sure. It doesn't matter to me since I'm kind of hungry right now."

Then, Shadow said "Good thing that I know a restaurant where we can eat and talk about our life or something. Anyways, hold on tight."

Then, Shadow pick up Maria into his arms. Then, they left somewhere afternoon Shadow zoom away. When they left, Amy (who was watching the whole thing) know that Shadow was in love with Maria with a smile look on her face.

Meanwhile, it was a lovely night which Shadow and Maria went to Giovanni's restaurant to eat. In Giovanni's restaurant, Shadow and Maria talk about their life after they finish their dinner.

Then, Shadow told Maria a funny joke whick Maria laughs. Then, Maria said "I never know that you're so funny, Shadow."

Then, Shadow said "Well, I'm trying to be jokester if I can. Anyways, Maria. I was wondering what you say about your master. Is he treating you better or what?"

Then, Maria remember what Dr. Eggman told her that don't tell anyone who's her master and lied, "Um... yeah he does. He just don't want me to get hurt, that's all."

Then, Shadow said "Oh. Maybe someday I'll like to met him." Then, Maria nervously said "Yeah. Someday." Then, Shadow said "So, do you want to go to the park?"

Then, Maria said "Yeah, sure. Let's go." Then, they went to the park which they saw some people are dancing with a song, playing So Close.

Then, Shadow look at Maria and said "Um, Maria? Will you like to dance with me?"

Then, Shadow realize that Maria was sad and said "What's wrong, Maria?" Then, Maria said sadly, "It's just that I never dance before, Shadow. I just can't dance."

Then, Shadow hold her hands and said "Don't worry. I'll show you how. Just follow the music in your heart, Maria." Then, Maria smiled and said "Okay, Shadow."

Shadow and Maria love each other

Shadow and Maria dance together for the first time

Then, they join them and started to dance while the song's playing. While Maria and Shadow are dancing, Maria realize that she can dance and look at Shadow.

After the song was finish, Shadow and Maria realize that they're in love and was about to kiss until Vector the Crocodile and Espio the Chameleon found Shadow.

Then, Espio told Shadow that they need him to find Charmy. Then, Shadow said "Okay, guys. I'm coming." Then, Maria said "Well, thank you for the dance and take me to a nice place to eat, Shadow."

Then, Shadow said "No problem. Before I leave, I want to get you something." Then, he give Maria a beautiful blue rose which he got it from the bushes.

Before Maria say thank you, Shadow kiss her on the cheek and leaves with Vector and Espio. Then, Maria froze, touch her face where Shadow kiss at, blushed and smiled happily.

Maria was in love

Maria was in love

After the boys left, Maria realize that she was in love with Shadow while looking at the rose until Freddy came and ask Maria if she know Sonic's weakness and heard about Yesenia too.

Then, Maria angrily told Freddy that she don't want to work them anymore and was about to leave until Freddy told her that she own them to work with them.

While Freddy and Maria are arguing, Charmy Bee was busy, eating ice cream until he heard the whole thing who was shocked that Maria was using them by tricking and left to warn Sonic and his friends.

After Charmy left, Maria don't want her master and Freddy to hurt her new friends and Shadow. Then, Freddy realize that Maria betrayed them for making friends and falling in love.

Then, Maria told Freddy that she met Amy and Cream at first. Then, she was in love with Shadow and told Freddy that Shadow was sweetest, wonderful and nice hedgehog that she ever met.

After hearing Maria's story, Freddy got a new plan: Since Maria was in love with Shadow, he'll make Shadow to bring Sonic or Maria will died.

Then, Maria was worried and afraid that this was her fault that she shouldn't say anything to Freddy since he found out that she does care about her new friends.

Meanwhile, at Chris's house, the guys finally made a machine that will take Yesenia and Peter back home after they find Freddy first. Outside, Cream saw Shadow, Espio and Vector came.

Then, Cream realize that Shadow was so happy and never see him so happy before. So, did Sonic and his friends.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow smiled when he spend time with Maria.

Then, Charmy came and tried to explain the guys about Maria, but Shadow refuse to listen and can't stop thinking about Maria since he finally realize that he know what love feels like.

Then, Shadow thanks Amy for letting him meeting Maria in the first place even though it was accident that he land so fast.

Sonic and his friends 2

The guys realize that Shadow was in love with Maria

Then, the guys realize that Shadow was in love with Maria until Charmy can't take it anymore and finally told them about Maria that she works with Freddy and Dr. Eggman.

Then, Shadow refuse to believe that, but Charmy's telling the truth. Then, Shadow and Charmy argue until they stop argue and Charmy left.

When Charmy left, Freddy came and told the guys include Yesenia and Peter "The name is Freddy Krueger, the killer of Springwood."

Then, Yesenia was shocked to see Freddy and said angrily "Where were you, Krueger?" Then, Freddy told her "I was with Dr. Eggman. Now, I need you come with me or something will happened to her."

Then, the guys are wondering what's Freddy talking about until Freddy told them " This is what I'm talking about."

Maria's worried

Maria tried to tell her friends

Then, he stap his finger and Maria appears! Then, the guys can't believe it and Maria tried to tell them that don't listen to him until Freddy shut her up and stap his finger again which Maria disappear.

Then, the guys told Freddy to let Maria go until Freddy told them "Here's the deal: If you let me borrow Yesenia for 24 hours, Maria will be free as a bird. Then, we can go home, ya da ya. End of story. What do you say, Miller?"

Then, Yesenia feel unsure about this and said "Why do you want me, Krueger?" Then, Freddy said "Nothing much. But, if you refuse, I guess I had no choice but to hurt Maria."

Then, he stap his finger again which Maria appears again. Then, Freddy tried to hurt Maria by squeezing her cheeks until Yesenia told Freddy to stop which Freddy did and Yesenia said "Okay, Freddy. You win. Just take me and..."

Then, Shadow stood up and said "No! Take me instead! For Maria's sake." Then, Yesenia was shocked and said "What? Shadow, no!"

Then, Freddy smile evilly and said "Okay. I'll take you instead!" Then, Freddy turned into snake and grab Shadow. Then, he squeeze him tight and got his powers!

Then, Freddy lets Shadow go, change himself back and said "Look like I got the powers I need."

Then, Freddy free Maria and told them the truth about Maria who works with Dr. Eggman and him.

At first, the guys don't believe him until Dr. Eggman came out of nowhere and said "It's true. Maria does work with us and we could've done it without her. Thanks, Maria."

Then, Maria feels bad and said "No! It's not like that, guys. I tried to tell you, but I can't. I just couldn't. I'm really sorry, guys. You're my best friends. I didn't lied about that! Shadow, please. I'm still the same girl who you become friend with and who believe in me!"

But, the guys include Shadow refuse to believe her. Then, the villains took Maria, Yesenia, Peter, Amy Rose, Cream, Vanilla, Vector, and Chris and leave Sonic, Shadow and Espio behind.

Then, Eggman sent the robots to destroy Mobuis and sent Chaos to kill Sonic and Shadow.

After Shadow is failing to fight back and Sonic need some help, Espio left to find Charmy. Then, they found him and told him that Sonic and Shadow need his help or they'll died.



Then, the boys went back to Sonic and Shadow which Charmy told Shadow to fight back for their friends and even though he's heartbroken, he still have the strength to kick some butts.

Then, Shadow realize that Charmy was right and helps Sonic to beat Chaos which they finally beat Chaos. Then, the boys went to find the villains at Dr. Eggman's lair.

At Eggman's lair, the guys include Maria are sad which Freddy said "Don't worry, guys. Once those boys are gone, nobody will stop us!"

Then, a voice said "Don't get too excited, Krueger!" Then, Freddy froze, turn around and saw that Sonic and Shadow are still alive!

Then, the heroes free their friends and the boys told them to leave. Then, the guys did except Maria. Maria was kidnapped by Freddy as a hostage during the fight of Dr. Eggman.

After beating Dr. Eggman, Sonic and Shadow went to the roof to face Freddy until they realize that he got Maria too.

Then, Shadow told Freddy to let Maria go since she done nothing to him but Freddy told the boys "I'll let her go, but tell me Shadow. Do you really love her or you guys are just friends?"

Then, Shadow realize that Maria was was scared with the look of her eyes and get angry while looking at Freddy.

Then, Freddy said "Because if you do, here's a message for her!" Before he can kill Maria, Yesenia was behind him and hit Freddy with the pipe.

Then, Freddy let Maria go and realize that Yesenia had came to save Maria, Sonic and Shadow.

Then, Yesenia angrily said "Freddy, you better leave Maria alone! She done nothing to you!" Then, Freddy said "Maybe, but Maria is the one who deserve to die since she broke her promise!"

Then, he got Maria and took her to the city which Maria screamed for help. Then, Yesenia told Shadow to stop Freddy before something happened to Maria.

Then, Shadow told Yesenia and Sonic to help their friends while facing Freddy alone and went to the city. Meanwhile, at the city, Freddy said "You know what, Maria? I was starting to like you until I realized that you're just a lonely hedgehog who have no one who love you."

Then, Maria had tears on her eyes and said "You're wrong, Freddy. I'm not alone since I do have friends who care about me." Then, Freddy get angry and said "Oh yeah? See if they can save you when I make you fall to your death!"

Then, he push Maria which she'll falling to her death and Maria screamed. Before Maria fall into her death, someone came and save her.

It was Shadow who save her, put her safely and ask her if she was okay. Then, Maria smile at him and said "Yeah. Thank you for saving me and you came back for me, Shadow."

Then, Shadow smile back and said "You're welcome. There is something I want to tell you, Maria."

Then, Maria said "Tell me what, Shadow?" Then, Shadow said "That I..."

Before he say it, Freddy interrupt the moment and said "Sorry to ruin the moment, but you should help your friends instead telling her how you feel about her, Shadow."

Then, Shadow was mad and said "Maybe you're right, but first...This is for hurting Maria you jerk!" Then, he and Freddy started to fight each other.

Then, Shadow was hurt badly and Freddy had change into a monster to kill him until Sonic came and punch him in the face.

Together, Sonic and Shadow used their powers to change into Super Sonic and Super Shadow to beat Freddy.

Then, they finally beat Freddy and Freddy was back to himself again. Not to mention that Freddy was hurt badly during the fight.

Then, the people of Mobuis include Sonic's friends, Yesenia, Peter and Maria started to cheered for Sonic and Shadow.

Then, Maria went to Sonic and Shadow, smiles and said, "Thanks you, Sonic and Shadow for saving me."

Then, Sonic said "No problem, Maria." When Sonic went to his friends, Maria look at Shadow ans said "So, Shadow. What were you gonna say when Freddy interrupt us?"

Then, Shadow stutter for a second "Well, I... I..." Then, Sonic sighs and said "Come on, Shadow. Tell Maria how you feel." Then, Amy said "You can do it, Shadow." Then, Cream said "Don't be bashful now."

Then, Shadow knows that they're right and told Maria "Maria, I want to tell you that I love you when I first met you."

Then, Maria was shocked, had tears in her eyes, smiled at him, put her arms around him and said "I love you too, Shadow the Hedgehog."

Shadow and Maria kiss 3

Maria and Shadow kissed

Then, she and Shadow finally kiss on the lips. After seeing them kiss, Yesenia said "It's a good thing that Shadow told Maria how he feel about her."

Then, Peter look at Yesenia and said "What do you mean, Yesenia?" Then, Yesenia said "When we first met Shadow, I just thought that he doesn't have a heart until he met Maria which he accidentally bump her."

Then, Sonic know that Yesenia's right and said "You're right. When Maria came, Amy told me that Shadow has a thing with Maria. At first, I didn't think so until Amy saw him with Maria and told her that she was beautiful like the sunset."

Then, Amy giggles and said "Yeah, he did say that." The next day after the fighting and save the world, Yesenia and Peter tells the guys good bye with an hurtful Freddy. Then, they went back to their world.

Shadow and Maria 2

Maria and Shadow are a couples now

When they were gone, Shadow and Maria are couples now since Maria decide to leave her master Dr. Eggman for good.

Everything are back to normal and thanks to the heroes like Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehog! The End!