Sonic 4- The Movie
Sonic 4: The Movie is the most powerful, sad, romantic and action story than you ever see.

Your favorite Sonic X Characters are back with new characters like Maddy, Ray and Sonia the Hedgehog who are Sonic and Amy's kids and a new strong, powerful, evil and selfish villain name Blackheart who kill Maria's grandfather and Maria's best ex-friend, Victoria Cullen.

Not to mention that he also kill Amy's parents long time ago after Maria's life.


It had been 5 years since the guys visit Yesenia and her family at Rio De Janeiro.

Everything at Sonic World are nice and peaceful now. Sure, Dr. Eggman want to rule the world, but Sonic always stop him.

Speaking of Sonic, let's see how he doing with his friends. At Chris's house, everybody are having a great life. Sonic and Amy have 3 kids: Maddy, Ray and Sonia the Hedgehog.

Then, the guys are wondering what will they do next. So, they decide that they're going for a walk.

Then, they left. While the guys are walking to the city, somewhere far away... A villain was at the cliff, looking at the city.

Then, the villain's watch beep and he answer it. Then, he said "Yes, master?" Then, his master said "Are you at the city, Blackheart?" Then, Blackheart said "Yes."

Then, his master said "Good. Once you find 2 beautiful hedgehog name Amy Rose and Maria the Hedgehog, kill them. You shouldn't kill them long time ago when you kill the people they love 50 years ago."

Then, Blackheart sighs and said "I tried, master. But, that was a long time ago since the last time I saw them."

Then, his master was angry and yelled "Don't make any excuse, Blackheart! I just want you to find them and kill them. Anyone who want to protect them... Kill them too."

Then, Blackheart said "Yes, master. I'll find them and kill them. I won't let you down. I promise."

Then, his master smiled and said "Good. Now, go to the city and find them. See you then." Then, the watch turn off.

Then, Blackheart saw the city, smiled evilly and said "Don't worry, ladies. I'll find you no matter what it takes."

Then, he grab something in his pocket, got a picture of Amy Rose and Maria and said "Once I find you, I'll tell you girls about your dark, secret past."

Then, he left to find the girls at the city. Meanwhile, at the city, Sonic and his friends are at the restaurant, eating.

While eating, Maddy saw something outside and said "Hey, dad? Who's that black hedgehog outside?"

Then, Sonic said "Black hedgehog? Where?" Then, Maria said "Don't be silly, Maddy. I mean, the only black hedgehog you see is my husband."

Then, Maddy said "I'm not lying. I really saw a black hedgehog outside." Then, Bella went outside and did saw a black hedgehog.

Then, she went inside and said "Guys, Maddy's telling the truth. There is really a black hedgehog just my dad."

Then, the guys went outside and saw a black hedgehog. Then, Shadow said "I thought I was the only black hedgehog."

At the sky, Blackheart saw something, look at the picture, look down, realize the girls in the picture are here, flew down and went to the guys.

Then, Sonic spoke first and said "Who are you?" Then, Blackheart said "The name is Blackheart and I'm looking for Amy Rose and Maria." Then, the guys are looking at Amy and Maria.

Then, Maria said "I'm Maria. So, what do you want with me and Amy?" Then, Blackheart saw Amy and Maria are so beautiful since the last time he saw them 50 years ago.

Then, he said "My, Maria and Amy. You ladies grow up so fast since the last time I saw you girls."

Then, the guys include Amy and Maria said "What?" Then, Amy said "What are you talking about?" Then, Maria said "I don't know you. Have we met?"

Then, Blackheart sighs disappoint and said "I figure that you girls have forgot all about me."

Then, Felicia said "Mom, what is he talking about?" Then, Blackheart said "Oh, those girls haven't told you yet? That's a shame."

Then, Shadow said "Told us what? What are you taking about?" Then, Blackheart said "Oh. I get it. You guys don't know. Well, I'll tell you about Maria, then Amy's life."

Then, Maria said "What life?" Then, Blackheart said "Where do we begin? Hmm. Oh, yes. Do you remember your past, Maria?"

Then, Maria said "A little." Then, Blackheart said "Good. Because, I want you to know that I was there the day I kill 2 people you love: your grandfather and your friend Victoria Cullen 50 years ago."

Then, Maria froze and said "What? No. Dark Oak is the one who kill them." Then, Blackheart shook his head and said "No. My master just sent me to destroy your hometown when you were once a human."

Then, the guys include Amy froze and said "What?" Then, Shadow said "My wife can't be a human."

Then, Blackheart said "Once. About 50 years ago, my master want me to destroy Maria's hometown. Her real home. Once I went to Maria's house, I kill her grandfather and her only friend, Victoria. I want to kill Maria, but the way I see her scared, I'm not sure if I want to hurt her or not. But, I left and never saw her again."

Then, Maria move back and said "That was you that day? It can't be." Then, she started to remember and said "It was you! You're the one who kill them 50 years ago. Why?!"

Then, Blackheart sighs and said "Business. Just business, Maria. My master... He can't stand it the people are so happy, love and having a great life while he got nothing."

Then, Maria bent down, had tears in her eyes and yelled "You monster! Why?! My grandfather was so nice to everyone. And Vicky was my only friend until you kill them!"

Then, she started to cry. Then, Cream tried to calm her down while Blackheart continue talking.

Then, he look at Amy and said "Amy Rose, do you remember your past?" Then, Amy shook her head and said "No. Why?"

Then, Blackheart said "That's a shame, but I'll tell you." Then, Amy said "Tell me what?"

Then, Blackheart said "About 50 years ago, you have a loving family in your hometown. You were about 5 years old and my master saw a place that it need to destroy which it's your home. So, he sent me to destroy your home. While I destroy the city, I also kill your parents when they tried to protect you. I was about to kill you until I saw the sadness in you. So, I have no choice, but let you live and told you to run away and never come back. Then, you left and I never saw you again."

Then, Amy move back, froze, started to remember and said "I remember. You were there that day you kill my parents. You... You monster!"

Then, Blackheart said "Truth can be painful, you know." Then, Maria got up, mad and said "Yeah. It can be painful sometimes, Blackheart."

Then, Blackheart said "Yeah, Maria. But, not so painful that my master have sent me to kill you and Amy which I shouldn't done 50 years ago."

Then, the guys gasps, protect the girls and said "You leave them alone." Then, Blackheart realize the guys are protecting the girls and smiled evilly. Then, Tails said "Why are you smiling?"

Then, Blackheart said "My master told me that anyone is in my way or protect them... I'll kill you too." Then, Shadow said "Well, we'll stop you no matter what for the girls's sakes."

Then, Sonic said "Cosmo, take my kids and Shadow's kids back to the house to be safe." Then, Cosmo said "Got it! Cream, come with me too." Then, Cream said "Ok."

Then, Cosmo, Cream, Mushu, Batty Koda and the kids left. Then, Sonic said "Amy. Maria. Stay back, okay?"

Then, the girls move back and told their husband to be careful. Then, the boys and Blackheart are fighting right now.

During the battle, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Shadow were hurt and almost out until they passed out.

Then, Blackheart went to the girls and was about to kill them, but somehow he can't. The reason he can't kill them is because the girls remind him of someone he used to know in the past.

Then, he shook his head and decide to kidnapped them instead. Then, the girls screamed. Then, Amy yelled "Sonic! Help!" Then, Maria yelled "Shadow! Please help us!"

Then, Blackheart and the girls left. Somewhere far away, Blackheart and the girls were at Dark Oak's place. Then, Blackheart put the girls at the ground.

Then, the girls look up and saw Dark Oak. Then, Blackheart bow down and said "Master."

Then, Dark Oak was mad and said "Blackheart! I told you to kill the girls, not kidnapped them. Can you get that straight?"

Then, Blackheart said "I know, master. But, somehow, I can't. They just remind me of something."

Then, Dark Oak realize that Blackheart is started to remember, was mad and said "Blackheart! Those girls don't remind you of someone you know. You know what? I got a better idea. Instead killing you girls, we'll turn you beautiful girls into a monster like Blackheart."

Then, the girls gasps. Then, Amy was mad and said "No! We'll never join you, Dark Oak. Sonic and our friends will save us!"

Then, Dark Oak laughs and said "Oh, we're betting on it." Then, Maria was mad and said "You jerk! You let that monster destroy my home while you just watch us, dead. Why you doing this? The people have done nothing to you!"

Then, Dark Oak said "Shut up! You don't know nothing!" Then, Amy said "You don't talk to her like that, you big bully."

Then, Dark Oak said "Well, maybe I will. But, first... let's started with you Amy Rose. Darkness, bring me the powers to make Amy Rose evil, powerful and will be forever a monster!"

Dark Amy

Dark Amy

Then, Darkness grab Amy while she's screaming. Then, Maria was in horror and gasps. Then, Amy Rose had change into... Dark Amy!

Then, Maria said softly "" Then, Dark Oak said "Darkness, bring the powers to make Maria the Hedgehog evil, powerful and will be forever a monster!"

Dark Maria

Dark Maria

Then, Darkness grab Maria while she's screaming and Maria had change into Dark Maria once more. Then, the girls bow down and said "Master."

Then, Dark Oak laughs and said "I did it! I finally make the girls evil like us. Now, no one will stop us! Not ever those losers!"

Then, he started a evil laughed. Somewhere far away at Chris's house, Bella had a vision, move back and gasps. Then, Ray said "Bella, what's wrong?"

Then, Bella look at Ray and said "It's our mom and... and..." Then, Bella stop talking. Then, Cream said "And what? What? What happened to your mom and Amy?"

Then, Bella started to cry and said "I can't tell you. I'm sorry." Then, she left, crying. Then, Cosmo said "Bella! Wait!"

Then, Ray said "Don't worry, guys. I'll talk to her." Then, he left to talk to Bella. Then, Ray went outside, find Bella, sit down with her and said "Bella, are you okay?"

Then, Bella said "Yeah, I'm fine. It's just that something is happening to our mom. I just can't tell you guys, because you guys will feel heartbroken."

Then, Ray said "Bella, you can tell me. What's happening to our mom?" Then, Bella look at Ray, sighs and said "Our mom had become... become..." Then, Ray said "Become what?"

Then, Bella said softly "Become evil." Then, Ray said "What? But, why?" Then, Bella said "I don't know, but we're too late to save them. I'm not sure that our dad will handle this."

Then, Ray hold her hands and said "Don't worry, Bella. We'll find a way to save our mom and our home. I promise."

Then, they look at each other and was about to kiss until Jason yelled "Ray! Bella! Everything's okay back there?"

Then, Ray said "Yeah, Jason. Everything's fine." Then, he look at Bella and said "Let's go back inside and you have to tell them about our mom, ok?"

Then, Bella smiled and said "Okay. I will. Thanks for being a good friend to me, Ray." Then, Ray blushed and said "Well, no problem. Let's go."

Then, Ray and Bella went back inside. Then, Cosmo said "Are you okay, Bella? You seem upset."

Then, Bella said "Yeah, I'm fine. Let's just calm down, take a deep breath and I'll tell you about my mom and Ray, Maddy and Sonia's mom."

Then, the guys did as they were told and Bella told them about Amy and her mom. Once they found out, Cream said "No! It can't be. Can you at least tell us where they are, so Sonic and Shadow will find them, Bella?"

Then, Bella said "I'll try, but it'll take a while." Then, she used her powers to find where the girls are, realize that they're at Dark Oak's place and said "They're at Dark Oak's place."

Then, the guys gasp and Chris said "Where's the phone? I need to call Sonic and the boys."

Before he call them, a voice said "We're already here, Chris." Then, the guys saw Sonic and his friends are hurt, but mad.

Then, Shadow said "Where are they, Bella?" Then, the guys were surprise that the boys are hurt, but are mad too. Then, Bella said "Daddy? Are you okay? What happened to you?"

Then, Shadow said "We'll talk about this later. Now, tell us. Where are they?" Then, Bella said "They're at Dark Oak's place and change mom and Amy into a villain. We can't save them, dad. We're too late."

Then, Jason said "No, sis. It's never too late. We'll stop those villains, save our mom and most of all... save the people in our world."

Then, Felicia said "He's right. We're not gonna sit here and watch everybody died, because of us."

Then, Bella said "But, how? They're too strong and our mom is in danger. And worst of all... How do we stop them?"

Then, the guys know that Bella's right and need a plan. So, they make a plan. Somewhere far away, Dark Oak told Blackheart to go back to the city, find the guys and tell them that we got them and if they want to see them... You know what to do.

Then, Blackheart left, went to the city, found the guys and land where the guys are.

Then, Cream spoke and said "What did you done with Amy and Maria?!" Then, Blackheart said "They're fine since my master change them into monster like me."

Then, Sonic and Shadow yelled "Where's my wife?!" Then, Blackheart said "Don't worry, boys. They're fine, but my master says that if you heroes want to see them again, you'll follow me. If not..."

Then, the guys realize that he was looking Sonic and Shadow's kids. Then, the guys are protect them. Then, Blackheart said "You kids will be next. Now, follow me or your kids."

Then, Cream said "I don't trust him, Sonic. Are you sure that you want to do this?"

Then, Sonic look at his kids, then Blackheart, look back again, sighs and said "We have to trust him, Cream. I know he kidnapped them instead killing them, but we have no choice. We need to save them."

Then, Shadow know that Sonic's right and said "Guys, he's right. We have to do this for the people, Amy and my wife."

Then, the guys know that the boys are right. So, the guys follow Blackheart and the guys are finally at Dark Oak's place.

Then, the guys are in the room. Then, Dark Oak came and said "Oh, welcome. Please, come in. Want some foods?"

Then, Cream said "Um, no thanks." Then, Sonic said "Where's Amy?" Then, Shadow said "Where's Maria?" Then, Dark Oak said "Oh, where's my manners? Oh, girls."

Then, Dark Amy and Dark Maria came. Then, the guys gasps in horror. Then, Dark Oak said "Meet Dark Amy and Dark Maria."

Then, Tails said "What have you done, Dark Oak?" Then, Sonic said "I was gonna say the same thing." Then, Shadow said "Me too."

Then, Dark Oak said "I just change them. Now, girls. Will you do the honer, ladies? If you know what I mean."

Then, the girls bow down and said "Yes, master." Then, Dark Amy got her hammer while Maria refill her powers. Then, Cream said "Amy! Maria! Don't do this."

Then, Dark Amy said "Shut up! We could do whatever we want, you stupid bunny." Then, Dark Maria said "She's right. We don't belong your world. This is our world now!" Then, the girls laughs.

Then, Dark Maria said "Now, prepare to die!" Then, the girls attacked the guys while the guys moved.

While fighting, Dark Oak whispered to Blackheart "If the girls won, kill Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehog. Then, their friends include the girls." Then, Blackheart said "Yes, master."

Meanwhile, the guys are hurt until Shadow and Sonic are getting up, trying to make their wife to remember.

Then, Sonic said "Amy, you gotta stop! You're not a bad girl. Do you remember who you are? Do you remember who's your friends and your own family?"

Then, Dark Amy want to hit him until she saw the look in his eyes. Then, Shadow said "Maria, stop. You need to stop this. Do you remember when I save you from the darkness? I did and don't you forget that. I always love you, Maria."

Then, Dark Maria froze and saw the look in his eyes. Then, the boys hold the girls's hand and said "Please come back for me, because I love you."

Then, Dark Amy and Dark Maria bend down. Then, they started to screamed loudly and few mins later, they passed out.

Before the boys go to them, Dark Oak used his powers to catch them with vines. Then, Dark Oak said "Now, finish them Blackheart!"

Then, Amy and Maria was back to normal and woke up until they realize that Blackheart is gonna kill their husband.

Then, the girls got up, ran and yelled "No!" Then, the girls saved their husband and killed instead. Then, the girls land on the floor, undead.

Then, Sonic and Shadow yelled "Amy! Maria! No!" Then, Blackheart realize that the girls have save them and sacrifice for them. Then, he realize what he had done and started to remember his past:

Maria is dying


50 years ago, a female hedgehog name Melody who used to be Blackheart's mother until she got shot.

Before she died, she said "Sweetheart... Please promise me. Promise that you'll be a good guy for me and make friends."

Then, Melody had tears on her eyes and said "Just promise that you won't forget all about me and the promise you made. I love you and Good...bye."

Then, she died. Then, Blackheart was taking by Dark Oak and was gone.

Now, the present, Blackheart bend down and had tears on his eyes, remember his mother and the promise.

Then, Sonic and Shadow realize that Blackheart was sad about something. Then, Dark Oak realize that Blackheart's started to remember and yelled "No! Blackheart, you work with me, remember?"

Then, Blackheart got up, look at his master, was mad and said "Not anymore. Because, I made a promise for the girl I love 50 years ago before I was evil. That girl is Melody the Hedgehog. I'll stop you and I'll keep my promise for her."

Then, Blackheart and his master started to fight. Few mins later, Blackheart said "I'll used my last powers that will kill you and me!" Then, he went to his master, hold on and used his powers that will kill them.

Then, boom! Then, Blackheart and Dark Oak was gone for good. Then, the vines let Sonic and Shadow go. Then, the boys went to their wife. Then, Sonic said "Amy? Amy! Please wake up."

Sonic held Amy

Sonic hold Amy while she's fading

Then, Amy woke up and said "Did we won, Sonic?" Then, Sonic said "Yeah, but Blackheart save us for some reason."

Then, Maria woke up too and said "He did? But, why?" Then, Amy said "I think I know why he let me and you go 50 years ago."

Then, Sonic said "And what's that, Amy?" Then, Amy said "The reason that he didn't hurt us is because he know that we remind him of someone. Someone's beautiful, smart, wonderful girl. I think he must have a girlfriend long time ago before he become a villain."

Then, Maria said "You know, you're right. I bet that he's heaven with the girl he love."

Then, Shadow said "But, don't worry. We just need to go and get some help before.."

Then, Maria grab shadow's right arm and said "Honey... I just want to say that I'm sorry." Then, Shadow said "Sorry for what?"

Then, Maria smiled weakly and said "When Blackheart came, he made me remember my past when I was once a human. I shouldn't told you when we first met, but I was in love with you the same way you love me. Don't you remember that, Shadow?"

Then, Shadow said "Yes, I remember." Then, Maria said "Good, because the love we had make us powerful. Don't you forget that, okay?"

Then, Shadow said "I won't, Maria. But, why did you save me? I mean..." Then, Maria said "You save my life before, now I'm returning the favor."

Then, Shadow froze. Then, Maria smiled one last time, hold Shadow's hand and said "Shadow, just promise that you'll protect our kids no matter what and your friends too. Because, they're your family now."

Then, Amy and Maria almost fading. Then, the boys said "No. No! Don't leave me."

Maria's death

Maria died

Sonic was sad

Sonic was sad that Amy died

Then, Maria touch Shadow's face, give him one last kiss and said "I always love you, Shadow the Hedgehog. Please, don't forget...the...promise."

Then, she close her eyes with a tear on eyes. Then, Amy give Sonic one last kiss and told him that she always love him and good-bye. Then, she close her eyes.

Then, the girls was gone. Then, the boys started to cry and yelled "No!" Then, Tails woke up, realize that the villains are gone and realize that the boys are sad.

Then, Tails went to them and said "Sonic. Shadow. What just happened? Where's Dark Oak and Blackheart?"

Then, Sonic said "Blackheart beat his master, because he realize what he had done" Then, he stop. Then, Tails realize that Amy and Maria is not here and said "Boys, where is Amy and Maria? Where are they?"

Then, the boys didn't answer until Cosmo said "The girls are gone, are they?" Then, the boys look at Cosmo. Then, Cosmo sigh sadly and said "Sonic. Shadow. I'm so sorry about your wife. The girls were a great heroes."

Then, Sonic and Shadow had tears in their eyes. Then, Tails said "Let's just go home before something happened." Then, the guys was about to leave until they heard a evil laugh and turn around.

Then, a dark creature came and about to rise up. Then, it said "You heroes may won, but I won't let you leave alive once I'm done with you!" Then, Bella said "Oh, no."

Then, a dark creature was huge with claws and roar loudly. Then, the guys gasps in horror. Then, Tails said "How do we beat him, guys?" Then, Sonic said "I don't know, but we'll think of something quickly."

Then, Knuckles realize something and said "Sonic! Shadow! Use your true powers to beat that monster." Then, Sonic and Shadow realize what Knuckles is talking about. Then, Sonic and Shadow said "Chaos Control!"

Super Sonic and Super Shadow

Super Sonic and Super Shadow

Then, the boys change into Super Sonic and Super Shadow! Before they fight, someone was holding their hands. Then, they realize that was their kids who turn super too.

Then, the boys told them to leave until the kids told their dad that they're not leaving them and will stop him together as a family. Then, Felicia said "Mom will do the same too, dad."

Then, the boys smiled and know that their kids are right. Then, the boys and their kids yelled "Chaos Control! Destroy the Dark creature!"

Super Sonic and Super Shadow 2

Super Sonic and Super Shadow are using their powers to stop the monster

Then, they use their powers to defeat it and the dark creature yelled "No!" Then, the dark creature was melting and was gone forever.

When it was gone, Sonic, Shadow and their kids are back to normal. Then, Cream said "You don't think that he's not coming back, right?"

Then, the guys realize that Sonic, Shadow and the kids are sad. Then, Knuckles pat them on the back and said "Don't worry, guys. You beat him and save the day."

Then, Cosmo said "Knuckles, you may be right. But..." Then, she went to Sonic and Shadow, smiled and said "Sonic... I know that Amy will be proud of you if she was here. Shadow, I know that Maria will be proud too. So, don't be sad. You save us and beat the villains for us."

Sonic Smiled

Sonic know that Amy will be proud of him for saving the world with the help of his friends

Then, Sonic look at the sky, smiled and said "You're right, Cosmo. I know that Amy and Maria will be proud of us. Thanks to them, we stop the dark creture and if it wasn't for them, we all be dead."

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow know that Maria will be proud of him too and will keep his promise.

Then, Shadow smiled too and said "I know that Maria will be proud too and I'll keep my promise for her and my kids."

Then, Tails said "Sorry to ruin the moment, but let's go home." Then, the guys left except Bella who's looking at the sky. Then, Ray came and said "Are you coming, Bella?"

Then, Bella look at Ray and said "Yeah, I'm just looking at the stars before we leave. I'll miss my mom."

Then, Ray hold her hands and said "Me too." Then, they finally kiss. Outside, Sonic realize that Ray and Bella is not behind them. Then, Tails said "Don't worry. I'll get them."

Then, Tails went back, found them, realize that they're kissing, smiled and said "Oh, guys." Then, Ray and Bella stop kissing, froze and blushed. Then, Ray said "You're not gonna tell our dad about this, are you Tails?"

Then, Tails shook his head and said "I won't tell if you're coming or not, lover birds."

Then, Ray and Bella blushed. Then, Tails said "Let's go before your dad find us." Then, the guys said "Okay." Then, they left.

Amy and Maria as friends

Amy and Maria are somewhere in the darkness

Before we say The End, in the darkness, Amy and Maria woke up. Then, Maria said "Where are we?" Then, a man with a black hood said "You're in the world where you can go back home."

Then, Amy said "Are you saying that we can go back to our family?" Then, the man said "Yes, only you girls had the powers to get out."

Then, Maria said "Yes, thank you. But, how?" Then, the man said "Like I told you before: you have the powers to get out. Good luck, Amy Rose and Maria the Hedgehog."

Then, he left. Then, Amy said "Maria, we're going home. Let's find out a way out." Then, the girls continue the journey to find their way home.

What will happened next? Will the girls find their way home and will they guys will see the girls again? Find out in Sonic 5: Maria and Amy are back!.