Maria the Hedgehog
Maria the Hedgehog 5
Vital statistics
Title Sonic X: The movie

Sonic 2: Victoria Return

Sonic 3: The New Villain in Town

Rio 3: Mephiles's Revenge

Sonic 4: The Movie

Sonic 5: Maria and Amy are back!

Gender Female
Race Shadow the Hedgehog (Boyfriend, then husband)

Bella the Hedgehog (Daughter)

Felicia the Hedgehog (Daughter)

Shadow Jr. the Hedgehog (Son)

Jason the Hedgehog (Son)

Faction She's a nice girl
Health Normal
Level Normal except she had Super Maria and she once had Dark Maria.
Status Sonic World
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She's like Amy Rose, but she's nice, sweet, lovely and an beautiful hedgehog who was created by Freddy Krueger and her master is Dr. Eggman.

Her real name was Maria Robotnik until she died 50 years along with her ex-friend, Victoria Cullen by Dark Oak.

She appears in Sonic X: The movie and Shadow the Hedgehog's love interest.

She's also the wife of Shadow the Hedgehog and the mother of Felicia, Bella, Shadow Jr. and Jason the Hedgehog.


Maria was a very kind person who always thought about others before herself. Maria is sweet, but shy and clumpy girl too.

She's kind towards her friends. She finds herself helpless at times, but Amy tells her to have more confidence in herself and she did in Sonic 2: Victoria's Return.

Her powers and abilities

In Sonic 2, she become Super Maria when she saw her friends are hurt by her ex-friend. She become Dark Maria once when Victoria turn her evil.

She had the same powers like Shadow when she become Super Maria. She got the same dark powers like Dark Sonic when she was once Dark Maria.

Her life

Before she become a hedgehog, she was once a human 50 years ago.

She and her best friend, Victoria Cullen were happy with their life until a monster name Dark Oak came and destroy their home. What she does know that Vicky was killed by Dark Oak and decide to kill herself to be with her only friend.

She wasn't never see again until 50 years later, she came back as a hedgehog by Freddy Krueger when Dr. Eggman need a woman touch. At first, Maria don't know who she is and can't remember her past until she met Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit.

Then, the girls ask her to come with them at Chris's house. At her arrival at Chris's house, she was quickly introduced to Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, Christopher Thorndyke, Charmy Bee, Vanilla the Rabbit, Yesenia Stewart, Peter Parker and Shadow the Hedgehog.

Shadow met Maria

Shadow and Maria met

When she met Shadow, she somehow was in love with him ever though she can't.
Shadow and Maria

Shadow and Maria are looking at the sunset

While she's feeling welcome, she join Shadow to see a beautiful sunset than she ever see when Shadow told her "Yeah, like you."

Then, she blushed when he told her that. Nobody haven't call her beautiful before until Shadow ask her to come him.

Then, she went with him and talk about their life at the park. Then, she and Shadow was about to kiss until Vector and Espio came. Before Shadow leave, he give her a blue rose and a kiss on the cheek.

When Shadow left, she was in love with him until Freddy came and ask her about Sonic's weakness.

Then, Maria told Freddy that she don't want to help them anymore until Freddy realize that Maria has betrayed them for making friends and was in love with Shadow.

Then, Freddy and Eggman use her to make Yesenia and Sonic to come with them or she'll died. Then, the plan works when Freddy told them that she works with them.

Maria tried to explain, but the guys include Shadow refuse to believe. After seeing Sonic, Shadow and Yesenia lost the powers, she was sad and can't believe what she had done.

After being held by her master, she feel bad that her friends isn't talking to her until she saw that Shadow and Sonic is still alive by Chaos!

While the heroes frees them, Maria was kidnapped by her master and begs her master to let her go until her master let her go to died.

Then, she saw that Shadow save her and told him when he ask if she was okay, " Yeah. Thank you for saving me and you came back for me, Shadow."

When Shadow was about to tell her something until her master interrupt the moment and watch Shadow and her master fight until a robot name Dark Oak kidnapped her and she screamed for Shadow to save her again.

Before the Dark Oak kill her, Shadow save her and Sonic helps Shadow to beat the Metarex. After the villains are defeat and the robots are destroy, Maria told the guys "Thanks you, Sonic and Shadow for saving me."

After hearing Shadow's feeling for her, she was tears in her eyes and told him that she love him too when she first met him. Then, she and Shadow kiss for the first time.

At the end, she and Shadow are together when Yesenia and Peter went back to their world with Freddy. Maria knows who she really is, making friends and fall in love with the guy she loves.

Her future

Shadow and Maria 2

Maria and Shadow are a couples now

In Sonic 2: Victoria Return, she and Shadow have been together for 4 years until Shadow took her to the park where they first date and ask her to marry him.

Then, Maria was shocked, had tears in her eyes, smiled and said "Yes, Shadow the Hedgehog. I'll marry you."

So, Shadow told his friends about his propose to Maria and the guys are proud of him. So, Amy Rose, Rouge the Bat, Cream and Vanilla the Rabbit are helping Maria to pick a dress for their wedding.

After celebrating a toast for Maria and Shadow, they plan a wedding for 6 months.

Only one month away, Maria can't wait until she saw something familiar after 35 years way before Maria was created and met her friends.

It was her old friend of her until she turn evil name Victoria the Hedgehog who return and was glad to see her again. Then, Maria was shocked and ask her how did she return.

Then, Victoria told her that the only reason that she return is because she want revenge and kill the people who let her died 50 years ago.

Maria's worried

Maria told Victoria that people are not bad and that she need to move on

Then, Maria gasp and told her that she can't do that, because there are innocents people down there and they haven't done anything to her since Vicky died 50 years ago.

Then, Victoria was so angry and yelled "I don't care, Maria. What I do know that you and all people let me become this! Now, you'll regret this and your pathetic losers friends!"

That make Maria mad and said "Don't you dare said that about my friends! You'll regret for saying that, Victoria!"

Then, the girls started to fight until Maria was hurt so bad and realize that she's so strong than before. Then, Victoria said "I told you before. You can't beat me. You're nothing, but a pathetic stupid little girl."

Then, Maria got up slowly and said "No, you're wrong Victoria. When I first got here, I was nothing until I met my friends who show me the true meaning of friendship and love and I'll not let you get away for this."

Then, Victoria laughs and said "Friendship and love? That's so sweet, but I don't need that. I'm on my own and once I'm done with you, your Fiancé will be next, then your friends."

Then, Maria gasp and said "How do you..." Then, Victoria told her that she can also see the future, read people's minds and knows their weakness in their dark secret heart.

Then, Maria said "No! You leave my Fiancé alone, Victoria!" Then, Victoria smiled evilly and said "Maybe, but I'll make you scream until your losers friends come and will save you. So... Screamed for them to make them come!"

Then, Victoria uses her dark powers to make Maria screamed and Maria did.

Somewhere far away in the city, Cosmo heard Maria screamed in her vision and told the guys that Maria's in trouble. So, the guys left to save Maria.

Meanwhile at Maria's house, Maria was hurt than ever and can't get up anymore. Then, Victoria laughs and said "I always know that you're weak, Maria. Now, say good-bye!"

Before she can kill her, someone save Maria after she shoot where Maria was. Then, Victoria look up at the sky and realize that Maria was safe by her Fiancé: Shadow.

Then, Victoria chuckles and said "Well, if it isn't Shadow the Hedgehog to the rescue. How sweet."

Then, the guys told Victoria that he's not alone. Then, Vic turn around and saw Sonic with his friends.

Then, Vic smiled and said "Look like your friends are here, Maria. Now, for my revenge."

At the sky, Maria woke up slowly and said weakly "No, Vic. Stop..." Then, Maria pass out for a while.

Then, Shadow realize that Maria pass out, put her where the tree is, was mad and yelled" You'll regret this, miss!"

Then, he went to fight Victoria until she block it and punch Shadow back. Then, the guys realize that she's too strong than the Dark Oak. So, the guys are tried to fight back, but Vic keep block their moves and fight back.

While fighting, Maria finally woke up and saw that her friends include her Fiancé are getting hurt because of her.

Then, she was mad than ever and yelled "No! I'll not let you hurt my friends, Victoria!" Then, Maria somehow regain her strength and yelled loudly!

Super Maria

Super Maria

Then, Victoria and the guys turn around and realize that Maria had change into something else. Then, Maria had change into...Super Maria!

Then, the guys include Victoria was shocked that Maria was Super Maria. Then, Maria yelled "This is for hurt my friends, Victoria! Chaos Spears!" Then, she use it to attack Vic and Vic got hurt.

Then, Victoria realize that Maria had got so strong and got up. Then, Vic said "I don't know how you got so strong Maria, but I'll deal you heroes next time." Then, she left.

When Vic left, Maria had change back into herself and pass out. When 2 hours passed, Maria finally woke up, realize that she's at Chris's house and said "What... What happened?" Then, Amy told Maria that she had change into Super Maria to save them.

At first, Maria don't believe it until she started it to remember and said "Oh, yes. I did, but how?" Then, Shadow came and said "That's why we need to find out how do you got powers like me and Sonic. I mean, nobody can do that expect me and Sonic."

Then, Maria look at her hands and realize that she had something than she never have before. But, she'll find out who she really is and beat Victoria.

What they didn't know that Victoria decide to get Maria's powers and make Maria to join her as her partner to rule the world, but how? Then, Vic got a idea... A evil plan.

Meanwhile at Chris's house, the guys are still tried to found out where and how Maria changed into Super Maria like Sonic and Shadow. While they're figure it out, Maria told the guys that she need to get out for few mins and will be back.

Then, she give her Fiancé a kiss and left.

When she left, she went to the hill, thinking about the powers she had. Then, she felt something and said "Who's there?"

Then, she saw Victoria again and said madly "What do you want?" Then, Vic said "Can you at least say hi for a while? Oh, yeah. I forget. We're not friends anymore ever since. You're too busy with your friends than me."

Then, Maria said "It's not true! I do care about you. You just changed, that's all." Then, Vic froze for a while, was mad and said "Liar! You don't! If you do, then how come you change, Maria? Huh?! Tell me!"

Then, Maria froze for a while and told Victoria that she thought that Vic was dead and she had no choice, but kill herself so she can join her until 4 years.

A man name Freddy Krueger had create her to found out about Sonic's weakness until she met Amy and Cream.

After meeting them, she also met Sonic and his friends. Then, she realize that she was in love with Shadow and promise that she won't hurt them.

But, her master Eggman and Freddy found out that she betrayed them for being in love and become friends with them.

After that, Freddy told them that she work them to found out about Sonic. After what she had done, she feel bad until Shadow and Sonic came to save her and her friends.

When Maria got to the end of her story, Victoria started to laughs and said "How sweet. You do care about them, but... Not anymore!"

Then, Victoria yelled "I'll make you become my partner, so we can rule the city. Then, the world!" Then, Vic used her powers and changed Maria into...Dark Maria!

Dark Maria

Dark Maria

Then, Dark Maria bows to Victoria and said "Master Victoria... What do you want me to do?" Then, Victoria told Dark Maria to go and find someone to fight. Once Dark Maria's complete, she'll be more evil and will forget her friends include the people she loves like Shadow.

Then, Dark Maria left to find someone to fight until she find one which it's Amy Rose! Then, Amy realize that Maria had changed into Dark Maria and told her what happened to her. Then, Dark Maria told that she changed to get her revenge for her master and want to fight.

Then, Amy told Maria that she don't want to fight her, because she's her best friend. Then, Dark Maria laughs and said "I don't have any friends. The only friend I had is Victoria. So, me and my partner will rule rule the world!"

Then, Amy told her that she's not a bad girl and Victoria's using her to kill the people that she loves. Then, Dark Maria froze for a while, was angry and yelled "No! You're lying! Victoria's my only friend and partner I ever had.

So, fight me or I'll kill your boyfriend, Sonic. The one you always love. You're nothing, but a pathetic, stupid little girl who wants Sonic so bad that he can't save. No wonder why he feel bad for you."

That made Amy mad and said "You leave Sonic out of this or I will..." Then, Dark Maria said "Or you'll what? You can't beat me, because you're just a girl with a stupid hammer of yours."

Then, Amy got mad and yelled "That's it!" Then, the girls fight until Dark Maria used her Dark Spear at Amy and Amy got hurt so bad.

Then, Dark Maria said "Aw, that's too bad that you're giving up. Now, I'll kill you with my Dark Spear!"

Before she could, she froze for a while and started to remember Amy. Then, she shook her head until she heard someone call Amy name and left.

When she was gone, she went to her master and told her that she beat one person that she almost remember.

Then, Victoria told her that Amy's just trying to trick her and whatever those guys said, don't listen to them. Then, Dark Maria bows and said "Yes, master." Then, she left.

When she left, Dark Maria found 2 person to fight and beat Knuckles and Rouge. Then, she continue to fight people until they hurt or died.

After beating some people except Shadow, Sonic, Cream, Tails, Vector, Espio, Charmy Bee and Chris, she finally got stronger and forget the people that she loves and know.

Then, she saw her master came and Victoria told her that she did a great job to beat some people and tonight, they'll rule the world and beat the greatest hero name Sonic the Hedgehog.

The guys from Sonic X are surprise

The guys are surprise that Maria had turn into Dark Maria

When night came, Sonic and his friends are trying to find Maria until they heard people screaming at the city.

So, they left to the city. When they finally came to the city, they realize that Maria had turn evil and work with Victoria!

Then, Victoria told them that they're too late to save the people and Maria got more stronger than ever. Then, she told Maria to kill them. Then, Dark Maria used her Dark Spear to kill them until the guys moved and tried to tell Maria to stop.

But, Maria refuse to listen and attack them again. After the fight, Sonic and his friends are hurt except Shadow who's telling Maria to stop.

Then, Dark Maria froze for a while, shook her head and attack him with her powers until he moved. Then, Shadow told Maria that she's not a bad girl, but a wonderful girl. Then, Dark Maria froze.

Shadow was thinking

Shadow told Maria that she's not a bad girl, but a wonderful girl that he knew and love

Then, Shadow keep going and told her that she need to remember who she is and what friendship and love really is.

Then, he told her that when she first came here, she loves her life, had great friends and the man she loves.

Then, Dark Maria started to cry a little when he said that to her. Then, Shadow told her that he loves her who she is and want the good Maria back for him and her friends.

Then, Dark Maria felt weird, had change back into her sweet old self and realize that she's back to normal.

Then, the guys realize that Shadow did it. Then, Maria was happy that Shadow save her, kiss him and hugs him.

Then, Victoria was so angry that Maria's back to normal because of Shadow and yelled "No! I was so close! Friendship and love? Ha! I don't think so, losers. You want a show? I'll give you a show."

Then, the guys realize that Victoria had change into a snake! Then, Snake Victoria said "Oh, being a hero is so boring. You know? Before I came here, I do want revenge. So, let's beginning with Maria who started it all, shan't we?"

Then, the guys told her to leave Maria alone until Victoria decide to kidnapped Amy, Cream and Cosmo as hostage and left. Then, Sonic, Tails and the guys are going save the girls and Shadow told Maria to stay, so she'll be safe. Then, the guys left.

When the guys left, Maria know that she won't let her friends and Shadow died because of her. Then, she got mad, turn into Super Maria once more and left to save them.

Meanwhile at the building, Snake Victoria still had the girls until she saw that the boys had come to save them. Then, Snake Victoria put the girls down and she started to fight. During the fight, Sonic, Shadow, Tails and the boys are hurt so bad. Then, Snake Victoria laughs evilly and said "Say good-bye, you losers!"

Before Victoria kill them, Super Maria made it on time and uses her Chaos Spear to get Victoria's attention. Then, Victoria saw her and realize that Maria had change into Super Maria again.

Then, Maria said "You leave them alone, you witch!" Then, Victoria change back into herself and said "Bring it, you stupid girl!" Then, the girls started to fight while the guys are weak to get up.

Meanwhile, the girls are still fighting. Then, Victoria got hurt and said "That's it! I'm though playing game with you. Once I'm done with you, everything you love will died because you fail and you can't save them, you stupid girl!"

That make Maria really mad, attack Victoria with her Chaos Spear and was about finish her until she stopped. Then, she decide to let Victoria go and told her to leave and never come back. Then, she left to see her friends include her Fiancé.

Then, she find them and the guys started to hug. What they didn't know that Victoria was behind Maria and stab her with the knife. Then, Victoria fall and died with the same knife that kill Maria.

Then, it started to rain and the guys got Maria. Then, Maria woke up, look at her friends, smile weakly and said "Thank you guys for saving me." Then. The guys said "You're welcome."

Then, Maria said sadly "Guys, I'm so sorry. This is all my fault. I shouldn't tell you about Victoria, but I forgot all about it when I first met you guys. I almost kill you guys, but if it wasn't for Shadow, the world will destroy by me and Victoria."

Then, Amy told her that it was not her fault and she know that she don't want to hurt them when she become Dark Maria.

Then, Maria realize the blood on her hip, look at the guys, smile weakly and said her final words "Guys, thank you for giving a great life and show me who I really was. Shadow, no matter what...I always love you and promise me that you'll have a great life with or without me."

Maria's death

Maria died

Then, Maria finally close her eyes. Then, the guys gasp and said "No. No!" Then, Shadow hold Maria and said "Maria! Please... Please don't leave me." Then, he started to cry for the first time and said sadly to Maria " I always love you, Maria." Then, his single tear drop on Maria's beautiful face.

While the guys are feeling sad for Maria's death, something happened. Then, something colorful got Maria and regain her life while the guys are watching. The scars and the blood on her was gone.

Then, it put her down slowly. Then, Cream went to see if Maria was alive until she realize that Maria's getting up.

Then, Maria got up, realize that she feel different and wonderful than and look at her friends who are shocked. Then, Maria told the guys "Thanks you".

Then, Cream ask her "For what, Maria?" Then, Maria said "For bring me back to alive. Thanks to you guys, you show me that you guys do care about me and being a good friends to me."

Then, the guys realize that they do care for Maria, hug her and said "Yeah. We do care." Then, she saw Shadow who's surprise, went to him, smile at him and said "Shadow, I'm here. It's okay. I'm back, because of your love for me. You show me that you love me more than everything in the world like I do."

Then, Shadow hug her so tight and said "I'm so glad that you're back. I love you, Maria the Hedgehog." Then, Maria said "I love you too, Shadow." Then, they kiss.

Shadow and Maria are married

Shadow and Maria are Married

One month later, Maria and Shadow are finally married and live happily ever after.

After 5 years of marriage, Maria and her husband, Shadow have 2 daughters and 2 sons: Felicia, Bella, Shadow Jr. and Jason the Hedgehog.

Behind the Scenes

•Do you know that Maria got Yesenia's blue eyes, Amy's hair, Bubbles's sweet and cute voice, Sonic and Shadow's powers like Super Maria and Dark Maria, Amy's outfit and Jeanette's shyness?

•Maria's blue eyes are so beautiful like a diamond and her shyness make her look silly.

•Maria did died twice, but came back alive twice by Freddy Krueger and her friends.

•Maria used to have one friend until she got more friends.

•When she first met Shadow, she was in love with him and feel weird when she's around him until he told that she was beautiful like the sunset which it makes her blush.

•She was name after Dr. Eggman's cousin: Maria Robotnik which it's her real name when she died 50 years by Dark Oak. Strange, huh?

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