Maria Robotnik
Maria Robotnik 3
Vital statistics
Title Showdown in Space (Ep. 35)
Gender Female
Race Shadow the Hedgehog (Friend)

Victoria Cullen (Best Friend)

Professor Gerald Robotnik (Grandfather)

Dr. Eggman (Cousin)

Faction She's a wonderful girl
Health Sick
Level Normal
Status Space Colony ARK
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Maria Robotnik was Victoria Cullen and Shadow the Hedgehog's human companion and best friend.

She's the cousin of Dr. Eggman and the granddaughter of Professor Gerald Robotnik.

Maria was a terminally-ill patient on the Space Colony ARK who had contracted the disease NIDS (Neuro-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) which seems to be related to the disease AIDS.

Her grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik created Shadow as a means to study immortality and to use the fruits of the project to attempt to cure Maria.

After Shadow's creation, he became close friends with Maria and Victoria to the end. Sadly, Maria and Victoria was killed by Dark Oak and Blackheart after releasing Shadow from a cryogenic tube in the Japanese version.

She was dead for 50 years until she came back as a hedgehog by Freddy Krueger and she don't remember about her past a little if Dr. Eggman was her cousin or master.


Maria was a very kind individual who always thought about others before herself.

This is proven by the fact that after she was shot and was dying, she didn't hold any ill will towards the people living on Earth and in her dying breath, she told Shadow to give them a chance for their future so they will live very blessed lives and that was the reason that he was created.

She died with Victoria Cullen who Victoria had become Victoria the Hedgehog after 50 years.


  • Christopher Thorndyke and Molly both remind Shadow of Maria, because of their similar selfless natures and the kind, loving look in their eyes.
  • Speculated date of death is 02/07/1953. Reason for said speculation is the countdown timer in the Space Colony Ark on the Sonic X episode "Robotnik's Revenge" which takes place 50 years after Maria's death.

Pictures of Maria as human